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My reviews are very positive. This is the first time I study remotely and I want to note that it is much easier for me to learn information by means of a lesson in a recording than remotely. I can stop, revise, practice during the lesson, etc. Earlier, when I received my education, there was simply no such opportunity ... I came to the lecture, listened, notes and pipets))).
The format is hell.
I have been studying English at Skyeng for a little over a year now. There I learned about Skypro, I decided to try it.
Impressions from the learning process are generally positive.
Nita King,
I am 44 years old, of which I have been a manager for 20 years in logistics. There are many projects behind him, such as Ultra Electronics, Ulmart, Eden Springs, Ecowindows. Today I work in the energy sector, I hold the position of a middle manager in one of the structures of GazpromEnergoHolding. Married, son 20, daughter 13.
LI Yan,
After several years of work in marketing, I realized that I wanted a more applied, but still creative profession. Having entered the Frontend developer course, I plunged into practice from the very first lessons and started building websites from scratch. It turned out to be quite easy to learn, because each topic is explained to us by practicing mentors, and for help you can always look at the Q&A session or the cheat sheet. I like that we have workshops with team problem solving and creative homework, but the most valuable thing is the support from the curators and communication with classmates: heart:
Paul Barret,

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