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We are not just another online school, we are a startup with a mega-ambitious mission: improve the quality of life through a conscious approach to education.

1. who teaches at allReally smart people are usually in the shadows, and the opinion of the majority is formed by information businessmen with a low level of knowledge and responsibility.
Valuable knowledge remains hard to access. And we learn to find them.
We invite exceptionally strong practitioners, we pay a lot, we invest in them becoming powerful teachers and being responsible for the results of students.

2. What should be the learning platform? Students spend dozens of hours on inconvenient sites and in unfinished personal accounts. We looked at all this, like Elon Musk looked at Vostok, and decided to create our own platform.

3. what content
the most useful One half of the educational materials on the Internet is rotten and has nothing to do with reality, the second is molded on the knee.
Our approach is to research the best practices in the professions all the time and build a program from that alone.
And also to create the most useful and exciting content in effective formats.

4. What result do students expect, what emotions should we give? On average, in the online course market, only 12% of students complete courses to the end. It shouldn't be like that.
We have already reached 60% and will always aim for 100%. Because we are working for your dream: we set a goal, draw up a personal development plan, give quick deep feedback - and help with employment. We definitely won't let it go.

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